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Smallest Countries In The World By Area-Top 10

No Name Flag Capital Area Population Language Currency Continent
1 Vatican City Vatican City Flug viewyworld.com Vatican City 0.44 km2 1,000 Italian Euro (€) Europe
2 Monaco Monaco Flag viewyworld.com Monaco 2.02 km2 37,800 French Euro (€) Europe
3 Nauru Nauru Flag (viewyworld.com) Yaren 21 km2 10,084 Nauruan Australian Dollar Oceania
4 Tuvalu Tuvalu Flag viewyworld.com Funafuti 26 km2 10,640 Tuvaluan Tuvaluan dollar Oceania
5 San Marino san marino flag viewyworld.com City of San Marino 61.2 km2 33,285 Italian Euro (€) Europe
6 Liechtenstein liechtenstein flag viewyworld.com  Vaduz 160 km2 37,340 German  Swiss franc Europe
7 Saint Kitts And Nevis saint kitts and nevis flag viewyworld.com  Basseterre 261 km2 54,961 English East Caribbean dollar North America
8 Maldives maldives flag viewyworld.com  Malé 298 km2 393,253 Maldivian Maldivian rufiyaa Asia
9 Malta malta flag viewyworld.com Valletta 316 km2 445,426 Maltese Euro (€) Europe
10 Grenada Grenada-Flag viewyworld.com St. George’s 348.5 km2 109,590 English  East Caribbean dollar North America

So this is the top 10 list of Smallest Countries In The World By Area. I collected all information from Wikipedia. And images are collected from google search (reuse right).

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